New Book Published

Hello everyone,

My latest book was just published, “In-Flight Entertainment & Connectivity: The history and current state of IFEC in Commercial Aircraft and Executive Jets.”

IFEC Book Cover

IFEC Book Cover

In this book I cover the history of In-Flight Entertainment & Connectivity systems as well as the synergy between the hardware & software components and the content & programming. Also addressed are the safety, certification, testing and installation aspects of getting these systems installed and flying.

As you can imagine there is a lot to cover so some sections will be more cursory (40,000 foot overview) while in other sections I get into more specific details. I write in a fairly relaxed style and I occasionally ask the reader to participate in the experience by answering various questions.

If you are new to the IFEC industry, thinking about venturing in, just curious, or even been around for a couple decades, there will be something in this book for you to learn and enjoy. So, feel free to buy a copy or six and hand them out to your friends, coworkers and employees. In fact, it should be required reading for anyone starting out or recently hired so they can see what has gone before and help not to “reinvent the wheel” as they say.

It’s available on at:

You can also order it from other fine bookstores by searching for either the title or for ISBN# 978-0-9827921-3-1. Searching for the ISBN will be the quicker of the two methods.

As always, I’m available should you have questions or desire additional information.

All the best for 2015.


PS: If you’re ever in the greater Seattle, WA area, I’d be happy to autograph a copy for you.

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