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Hello all,

Over several decades I’ve picked up quite a bit of knowledge and experience on a host of different topics. I’ve been sharing this knowledge on many forums and moderated discussion groups and it seems that many of us creative types learn better by watching and doing rather than just reading how to do something.

With that in mind, I’ve put together an online school where I’m posting training videos to help the visual learners out there. These videos are direct and to the point and will help folks accomplish specific tasks. I currently have two courses live with many more in development. I started with courses on topics with a wide range of appeal as opposed to starting with training on aerospace related subjects. So far I’ve had a pretty good response.

The currently posted courses are:

How to create a “Virtual Set” from a photograph

Have you ever wanted to have your actors appear in a particular location but couldn’t get a set built in a 3D modeling program? And even if you did, did the result “look” like a 3D set and not reality?

Sometimes you just can’t get permission or the approved time to shoot at a specific location, but you can get permission to take some quick photographs. Perhaps you have a scene in a museum or a library or in an aircraft. You can easily take appropriately composed still shots and turn them into a Virtual Set.

Being able to drop footage “into” and not just “on top” of a still photo that I’ve converted into a Virtual Set has been a real life saver. So I thought I’d share the technique with others that could benefit from it.

How to use MS Word to format your book for publishing

Are you frustrated with trying to get Microsoft Word to do what you want it to do? Shouldn’t doing something like adding in Page Numbers, Pictures or a Table of Contents be easy?

This course offers a host of easy to use tips and tricks with specific step-by-step instructions about formatting with the intent of publishing a book. I’m using MS Word Version 2010 for these lessons and the same commands should be applicable to all recent versions.

I’ve also included many extra bonus lessons including “What is Front Matter”, “Pagination” and “Cross-References” that you should find useful.

So how did I create this online school? After a lot of searching for an online school software provider I selected UseFedora. I find their feature set, payment processing options and cost structure the best for how I want to present and administer my courses.

Check out my school now and let me know what you think!


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